One day I went to the semi-desert of Gareja in eastern Georgia. My goal was to see Colored or Rainbow Hills. These are amazing landscapes of mountain ranges that go beyond the horizon.My path goes through Kakheti, consisting of endless plantations of grapes and livestock meadows.I constantly took photographs, creating a series of them to show my wife upon arrival.But my wife didn't want to see my photographs when I got home. Because she was also going to see the Rainbow Hills in the Gareja semi-desert. But she was still interested to see what exactly I shot.Therefore, I decided to create a collection that shows not what I saw, but what I felt, what mood I had.And I'm glad that it happened, because this collection influenced my further creativity.

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Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

The Dragon Trail

The legend says that a Dragon lived in the Gareja desert in the Kakhetian kingdom and hunted the local deer. The Assyrian monk David summoned an angel who drove the Dragon away by wounding him. The Dragon left a blood trail on the mountains as it fled. This is how the Colorful Mountains appeared in the Gareja Desert in Georgia.

Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

The Village

The village of Udabno is translated from Georgian as "desert". It is located in the Garaja semi-desert. But the highlanders from Svaneti live here. Svaneti is a remote mountainous region of Georgia where landslides and avalanches often occur. One of the avalanches destroyed several mountain villages a few dozen years ago. Then the Svans moved from the colorful forested mountainous territories to the dry flat semi-desert. The Svans were sad when they saw their new home where there is a lot of wind, dust, and dirt. I tried to change the look of the village in my photo so that the Svans would no longer be sad.

Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

The Church

The lonely church with a small area of trees and shrubs in the Gareji semi-desert. Located near Udabno. Svan mountaineers moved to this village a few dozen ago. Their native villages were high in the mountains and did not have churches. Therefore, when moving to Udabno, all Svans were baptized en masse.

Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

The Cows

The Layers of mountain ranges separating the Garedzha semi-desert, dry steppes, fertile valleys where the best grapes are grown and hard-to-reach areas of the Greater Caucasus with snow-capped peaks of mountains. I made it in different colors so that you can see the diversity of Georgia.

Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

The Sheep

I shot sheep through a bus window. I thought it was funny to see these white lumps near the power lines. In this photo, sheep, like us, who have no idea how to live without electricity. They walk past fertile fields with delicious vegetables on hard, sharp stones to where the shepherd leads.

Kakheti. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии


All Georgian seasons in one photo. From cold frosty winter, wet fresh spring, hot summer to dry red autumn.