A formation of a caldera creates an environment where familiar foundations crumble, leaving everyone inside trapped within a new and uncertain territory. Similar to intense heat and pressure within a caldera, the experience of forced immigration can evoke feelings of disorientation, fear, and despair. The loss of familiar surroundings, support of loved ones, and cultural identity can lead to a profound sense of isolation and vulnerability. However, it is important to recognize the resilience and strength within oneself. Over time, with connection to community, attraction to art and new interests, individuals can find ways to rebuild their lives and transform adversity into growth and opportunity. It is through this journey of adaptation and self-discovery that the psychological scars of forced immigration may gradually heal, and a new sense of belonging and purpose may be forged.

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Caldera. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

Dead end

If you look closely, the road does not end abruptly but leads around the mountain on the right. Every precarious situation has its way out.

Caldera. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

Black spots

I think life is like a Dalmatian. It consists of white space where we move freely. Black spots are arranged randomly in this space. Only those are not spots, but holes where all light is lost. A person can get there by accident or for whatever reason. This state may be called a bad life situation. And to get out of this hole you need help and support. You can't get out by yourself.

Caldera. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии


Sometimes there comes a point when you need to choose a different path.

Caldera. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии


Light in the shape of trees grows through something black and lifeless. Giving up is not an option in nature. Be like nature.

Caldera. Андрей Бортников. Рекламный фотограф в Грузии

Part of the Universe

You are a part of the Universe. This is a very simple but important concept. When I looked at the photo once again, I saw a lot of stars in the background. It helped me not to feel like a stranger in immigration. Because everyone and everything around is a part of the whole.